Amazing Blackjack Strategy That Helps Me To Win

For a long time, Blackjack has always been a favourite table game among casino goers. The tension, thrill and unpredictability has been generating a wide array of emotions and taking the levels of adrenaline to high levels.

However, unlike video slot and roulette games, which are also very popular among players at the casinos, blackjack requires more than just sheer luck for you to get ahead of the casino:

golden blackjack strategySure, you’ll need cards, but there are certain situations that are going to arise and will require to step up and do most of the things on your own, in order to win.

In this brief guide, we are going to look at amazing blackjack strategy that should help you win by significantly lowering the house edge of the casino and therefore increasing your chances of winning.

*Be warned that this isn’t a sure way of winning but if you correctly use the listed strategies, you are sure to win – in the long run at least!

Know all the basics of how to play the game

The first and very important basic strategy of blackjack is knowing the basics of the game. Usually, while playing the game, you are required to get a hand value that equals 21 but shouldn’t exceed this value or else you automatically bust – lose your bet. You should always endeavour to have a stronger hand than that of the dealer – at all times – in order to win the bet.

You should also strive to ensure that you understand all the basic terminologies used in the game. Understand what it means when other players say Hit or Stand. Furthermore, you also need to know what rules apply to the dealer so that you can enjoy playing the game more!

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Find the best blackjack game for you

blackjack strategy pairGiven that blackjack is one of the most popular games with players online, the game exists in different forms. Some of these forms have been around for years, but with the ever-growing demand for this game, there are new versions being formulated.

The standard blackjack game remains as the most popular game, attracting a massive following at the online and land-based casinos. However, you can as well decide to play the newer versions of the game such as the Switch Blackjack, which allows you to place two separate bets as opposed to the single bet. This not only increases your chance of winning but it also allows you to swap cards between your two hands before you can decide on your next move.

With the ever advancing technology, online casinos can now be able to stream live casino games straight from the land-based casinos, and this has led to the birth of Live Blackjack, a variant that’s very popular with those players who enjoy immersive and realistic gameplay.

All these variants of blackjack come with different in-game features, odds and style of play and identifying the best one for you will greatly boost your chance of winning.

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Split your Aces

It goes without saying that you should split your Aces if you are lucky to get them on the first deal. Why? By splitting them, you can have the chance of doubling your stake, and it might be worth it. Once you’ve split your hand into two, they’ll be valued at 1 or 11 – depending on your preference – and in case you are dealt with a 10, or a card with a 1 value, you’ll be sure to hit the magical 21. Furthermore, getting higher numbers will reward you with a good score.

Also, if you decide to use one of the aces as a one, you have the freedom of receiving more cards if you were dealt with a low number.

split aces blackjack strategy

Stick to your 10s

We didn’t mention to you that we shall be talking about winning hands and if you happen to be lucky enough to be dealt with two 10s, then it’s worth retaining them – according to my blackjack strategy. There are those players who’ll be tempted to twist, especially is the croupier’s face card is a high card.

However, given that you already have a 20 on the table, you can only better your score by receiving an Ace. Is this worth the risk? I don’t think so, and it, therefore, goes that you should stick to the 10s and hope that the dealer runs out of luck. There are not many hands in a blackjack game that can beat a 20, that’s for sure!

Never assume that the dealer’s hole card is a 10

hole 10 card blackjack strategyThis is a classic blackjack strategy that most of us have come across online – you’ve probably have also come across it and if you haven’t you were bound to sooner or later. Assuming that the dealer’s hole card is a 10 is a gospel that recreational and newbies have quickly taken only to realize that it’s a fallacy that doesn’t work.  And with this assumption, most have been forced to take unnecessary risk as they try to beat an assumed total.

How brave do you usually feel with a pair of 8s?

Unluckily, the game of blackjack isn’t usually as easy as getting the high-value cards every time and in some instances, you’ll find yourself left in a very awkward situation. One perfect example is getting a pair of 8s.

Getting a total hand value of 16 isn’t enough on its own, but deciding to split them could even leave you in a much more awkward situation, and you’d be forced to double your bet. This is dependent on the basic blackjack strategy.

Do you stand and hope for the best outcome; do you risk and split the hand hoping for two 19s or do you take the risk the other way and decide to hit?

Generally, blackjack is one of the fun game to play at any online casino and comes in different variations. Which option do would you like to try these strategies?

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