How To Make Real Money Online

how to make real money onlineYou’ve perhaps heard of a lot of reproach which has been directed toward technology and the adverse effects it has had on relationships. Most people spending too much time on the internet aren’t exactly being praised. On the other hand, you might have also heard of too many people complaining about financial problems and unemployment.

However, contrary to this popular belief, spending enough time on the internet doing the right things might just be what you need to start doing in order to solve your money problem. Below, we have exhaustively explained three popular ways on how to make real money online.

1. No Risk Matched Betting

Hands down, one of the fastest way on how to make real money online, without breaking any law is by taking part in No Risk Matched Betting. Millions of people across the globe are genuinely make thousands of pounds from this betting technique, which is totally legal, tax free and most importantly risk free.

how to make real money online bettingNo risk matched betting usually involves capitalizing on the free bets that are commonly advertised by the different online bookmakers by ‘matching’ them at the different betting exchange platforms.

Matched betting normally eliminates the risk as it usually involves betting against (laying) and for (backing) a certain outcome to occur. This gives you the opportunity of squeezing out the free bet, which in most cases ranges from £100 up to a maximum of £200!

If you multiply this by the different bookmakers online, you can end up with as much as £1,000 in free bets and for the wise punters, you can turn this cash into something substantial.

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2. Forex Trading

Currency returns are now outperforming equities, and you can as well get a slice of the action by partaking in forex trading. Forex trading is most commonly referred to as Forex and it’s now the largest traded market in the world.

According to one of the largest companies, CityIndex, the industry has an average turnover of $5.3 trillion USD, which translated to roughly £4.24 trillion pounds at the time of writing this article.

how to make real money online using forexThere are a lot of people trading, ranging from the large companies to part timers, who trade from the comfort of their bedrooms, something that has only been made possible with the mass penetration of the internet.

When partaking in forex trading, the different currencies come in pair, for instance, the USD and the GBP. As a trader, your main objective is to predict how the exchange rate between these two currencies will be at the end of an hour, day or week, or even year. Therefore, if you strongly believe the value of the pound will outdo the USD, you will go ahead and buy the pounds.

At the end of the set time, if you happen to be right, the value of your currency rises and you can easily sell it for a profit. If your gut feeling or prediction is wrong, you lose.

Be warned however that these two ventures – No Risk Matched Betting and Forex Trading – are risky. In fact, they are so risky that some of the analysts have linked the home traders to compulsive gamblers, arguing that this idea of ‘predicting’ the outcome of how the currencies and other global events such as the price of oil will perform is pure nonsense.

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How to make real money online – Forex & No Risk Matched Betting

Making real money using these two methods if pretty much easy. However, as already mentioned, it’s much more like gambling and as such you’ll need to choose an online bookmaker, through which you’ll buy and sell your dollars as well as try risked matched betting.

real money online with forexOnce you’ve chosen the website of your choice, the next step will be to create a real money account. Don’t ignore the word real money account because you can as well choose to match bet or trade virtually, without using any real money. Creating a real money account enables you to win actual money that you can withdraw.

The sign up process is straight forward. Just click on the sign up/register button, enter your details and confirm your email by clicking on the link sent to your account

Deposit money into your account by clicking on the ‘deposit’ button and choosing a method that best suits your preference. After that, you are set to match bet or forex trade!

3. Become your own boss by opening a YouTube Channel

The other popular way on how to make real money online is by setting up a YouTube channel under your name. In fact, some of the top ‘YouTubers’ as they are popularly referred rake in millions of pounds every year. For example, PewDiePie, one of the most watched YouTuber made more than £12 million last year, recording himself playing video games among other things.

But do you know you don’t need to have millions of views in order to make money on YouTube?

Some ideas that you could actualize and get a steady stream of income on YouTube include reviewing products, music, preparing how-tos, comedy, unboxing (where you get to be among the first people to open up a product for your viewers to watch)… the list is endless. There are so many niches where millions of people across the world visit YouTube to watch every day and you could tap into one of them.

How do you start making money on YouTube?

  1. You’ll need a YouTube channel, where you shall be posting all your recordings. While setting the account, choose a name, which doesn’t have to be fancy. However, try to be creative with your account
  2. Choose an area of specialization – ensuring that it’s an area that you are well acquitted in. Start recording videos and ensure you do this consistently. Have a schedule so that your viewers can always know when to look out for new content on your channel. Also, the quality of the videos has to be top notchhow to make real money online youtube
  3. Once you’ve set up all these, it’s time to market your page. In as much as some of your subscribers will share your videos on social media platforms, you’ll also have to take the first initiate of putting word out that you have a new channel. Ask family and friends to also help with marketing your channel.

In addition to the listed methods, there are hundreds of other legitimate ways that you can also use to earn real cash online. Popular ways include freelancing – writing articles, blog posts, offering transcription services, coding, programming – online, brokering stuff – electronics, cars, clothes, a,ong many others.